032c is a bi-annual contemporary culture
magazine at the intersections of fashion, art and politics. Finding the new
in the old and the old in the new,032c invites leading and emerging
creatives to collaborate on mono-thematic issues. It has been considered
to be "dedicated to the celebration of ideas" by i-D, "revue ultra-pointue"
by French Vogue, or simply as "the Berlin magazine that propogates an
aesthetic of brutal elegance" by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. "The
magazine fuses art and architecture,literature, urban studies and fashion
in ways", states New York Times, "that can make one forget how depressing
a visit to a newsstand has become."
032c is internationally distributed to selected art bookstores, fashion
boutiques and newsstands. The magazine has been exhibited at places such
as London Design Museum, Colette (Paris), GAS (Tokyo), The Pineal Eye
(London) and the 3rd Berlin Biennial. The 16th issue is chillingly called
"Post-America", although it might as well be called "Post-NYC" because
apparently the only bookstores that carry the mag in the entire USA are in
NYC. I'm not surprised, just mildly bemused. Anyways, this is what you will
find in the 16th issue. I'll be picking it up when I'm in America, oh
excuse me New York, over Thanksgiving holiday.

"Post-America", Winter 2008/2009

INSIDE: "A new world is coming into being almost unnoticed." JOHN GRAY tells Hans Ulrich Obrist about the political and financial unrest in the "Post American Age;" STEVEN MEISEL reveals fashion's cruel and beautiful in a rare interview (plus a seven-page foldout madness of all his Vogue Italia covers); Wes Jones illustrates Dubai and the effects of superabundance; artist STURTEVANT tackles copy, copyright, and the ready-made; architect Jürgen Mayer H., and artists Ralf Ziervogel and RothStauffenberg form a cluster of 3-4 FANTASTIC GERMANS (with 032c's Architectural Digest visit to Mozambique's Grand Hotel gone bad); Photographers Max Farago and Alasdair McLellan bring on "THE NUDES;" and so much more on 246 pages.

D €10 EU €12 US $20

Bodytonic Podcast

November 11 2008. More jacking techno than Berghain 02.

I love Techno Belgium
November 15 2008. Liveset from Bruges (it's in Belgium). No tracklist.

Berghain 02 Mix

June 09 2008. Charting new territories in the deep dark...

01 tobias. – Balance
02 Norman Nodge – Native Rhythm Electric
03 Pied Plat - Double Trouble
04 Planetary Assault Systems - Kat
05 Tadeo - Reflection Nebula 056n (Substance Remix)
06 Risqué Rythum Team - The Jacking Zone
07 Samuli Kemppi – Vangel
08 Kevin Saunderson - Just Want Another Chance
09 Clatterbox - Press On
10 Redshape - Plonk (Original Mix)
11 Shed – Warped Mind
12 Tadeo - 4
13 Kate Simko - She Said (Ryan Elliott Edit)
14 Deetron – Let's Get Over It (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
15 T - Mo #1 - (previously unreleased)
16 Radio Slave – Tantakatan
17 Luke Hess - Believe & Receive (Shed's Deepanddubbydub)
18 Strand - Zephyr

In 2008, Marcel Dettmann has seen his stock rise exponentially. He has done a handful of remixes (Scuba, Substance, Deetron, Len Faki, etc.), produced the moody MDR04 EP and shared record space with Pigon on their dual release Kamm/Plain (on Beatstreet). It's not that these accomplishments are prolific, it's that they are prophetic. Outside of the studio, Dettmann is a resident at Berghain, possibly the best club in Berlin. He is part of OstGut Ton Records, presently one of the most widely admired in technoland. He is best friends with Shed. Basically, he is homecoming king and we admire his crazy-square jawline from a distance...a distance especially expansive for those of us in the USA, for whom the internet is our best chance to get close to whatever revolution in electronic sound is happening in Berlin, the now (I can't exactly say new) hub of techno. That having been said, Dettmann is not shy to name classic Detroit house and techno among his influences; his particular brand is dark, jacking and with powerful restraint. The Berghain 02 Mix was huge this summer and was called "a defining moment in techno" by Resident Advisor. The newer Bodytonic mix is more jacking techno and I added the I Love Techno Mix from Belgium for the sake of comparison.

Finally, we got word that Shed had a good time at his US debut in Boston, and so Dettmann is being booked in Boston early next year. Look forward to THAT, why doncha ;)

Music: Margaret Dygas

At the beginning of the year I downloaded the You Very Mix by Margaret Dygas and was transfixed by it. As it turns out (I have been hoarding all of her mixes since then), Dygas has her own style of minimal techhouse with stripped down, isolated grooves which are smooth and hypnotic. Moreover, I was singularly excited when I found out from Little White Earbuds that she has a two track EP just newly released. See You Around and 37 to 7 are both up on her Myspace page. Co-produced by the venerable Tobias (Freund), the See You Around EP is a long, arrhythmic tunnel of rather experimental, but nonetheless catchy, undulating beats (and distorted voices, guitar strings, drones, clicks, bangs...). Philip Sherburne called it one of the most significant releases of 2008. (More on this article later)

Finally, a friend of mine told me a little story about how he met her:
"she probably wouldn't even remember this but years ago, she was a makeup artist in nyc and worked on a friend's film that i was an extra in. she was super beautiful and cool and she was talking to me about how into music she was and how she was going to get turntables and do more music stuff. now she's like really doing it."

It's a small world, especially if you like techno.

Music: DJ's Wanted to be On-Air!

My radio show The Following Aesthetic Reasons is on tonight from 7-10PM on 90.3FM (in Boston and surrounding cities) or you can stream from anywhere, live, at wzbc.org

I'm going to try something new...Since my show is 3 hours long, I can't always play new tracks straight off the dancefloors of Berlin...I'd like to introduce a mix of the week for 30 minutes to an hour of showtime. I'd especially love if talented DJ's around Boston would come in and DJ with me live! Please contact me if you're interested, or comment here and I'll contact you.

Thanks for listening!

Pictured: Fashions from Sweden based company, Odeur

It's like window shopping, only the windows are the kind on your laptop. The "Temporary Showroom" is a platform for European based fashion designers to show off their collections sans catwalk. Selected brands exhibit their work and although we still need to hunt them down to buy them, the designers at Temporary Showroom are exceedingly brilliant (and adorably European).

There is actually a Temporary Showroom Berlin, located in Berlin/Kastanienalle, which is a combination of a fashion showroom and a direct customer point of sale. At Temporary Showroom Berlin “temporary” refers to the limited period of time offered by Temporary Showroom to present new designs in the Temporary Showroom Berlin- gallery atmosphere. The presentation of the collections in Berlin is limited from 2 to 6 months, including, in cooperation with the designer, the individual composition of the room.

I definately adore the concept and the fashions. Odeur is sadly not in the US, but maybe we can be inspired by the profiles and odd shapes that they are known for...

Music: Rauwkost Live Mix

Floris Regoort & Jasper Lowik are the Dutch duo behind Rauwkost. Their debut Ep, Trump It, released on ThirtyOneTwenty, was widely lauded and has been played in sets by Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, etc. The three tracks on Trump It were all quite different, part groovy dancefloor and part moody minimal--which could mean interesting dj sets from these two. They are slated to spin at the TimeWarp Festival in Holland later this month along with this lineup of shining stars:

Ben Sims, Benny Rodrigues, Bo, Nijs en hun denkbeeldige vriendje, Darko Esser, Dimzen, el Locco, Federico Molinari, Ilario Alicante, Johanna Mercker, Johnny D , Joris Voorn, K.Cee, Karotte, Laurent Garnier, Marco Carola, Miss Monica, Moonbootica, Olivier Weiter, Pedro aka Petre Inspirescu, Phonopunk, Raresh, DJ Remy, Rhadoo, Sandeep, The Disco Boys, Two EM, Unders, Warren Fellow, Wesdex, Jason & The Argonauts, Loops

Their next production output will be with Kompass Records...



Guido Schneider is largely known as one half of Glowing Glisses (with vocalist Florian Schirmacher, on Poker Flat), and for having created many wonderful remix productions. Under the moniker “Motoguzzi”, Guido remixed Easy Woman, which is based on a track remixed by Musik Krauses’ Robag Wruhme. This was released on the first compilation of Berlin’s legendary Berghain Club (Ex-Ostgut), mixed and compiled by his friend Andre Galuzzi. Nice minimal tech-house, this mix is two hours long (and in my opinion, stronger in the second half than the first).

Shop: L'Affiche Moderne

I'm like 26 now, which means I can't decorate with my bitchin' posters of Sailor Moon and Luke Perry anymore. Neither can I afford art unless it's made with macaroni. Enter
L'Affiche Moderne
, where young and talented graphic artists, illustrators, and photographers provide quality prints of their works for 29 euro (12 by 16 inch) or 59 euro (20 by 28 inch). When framed, these posters are money. Artists include Matilou, Anton, Sarah Jane, and more.


A note from David, of Dare to Care Records, about how the video was made:

"We actually shot our characters on green screen to start with. Then we edited, keyed and composited in AE to add the other elements like snow and stadium. We then outputed 723 jpeg of the clip to our knitter that used them as templates for the knits. The knitting technique is actually called in french "Tricot machine", hence the band's name!"

The innovative mixed media visual art is reminiscent of Copy Shop, an Oscar nominated short about a man who copies himself until he fills the whole world with his clones. Copy Shop actually consists of nearly 18,000 photocopied frames, which were animated and filmed with a 35mm camera.

Music: Chloe, Robert Johnson Series

Trying to navigate through Chloe's official website is a weird experience. Sounds come out of nowhere, the menu options are befuzzling (who knows, where/when, what, whatever, who's who, who cares)...it's all pretty surreal. Her dj style, a stripped-back, minimal and dirty electro hybrid, is similarly hypnotic. A former resident at Le Pulp Chloe kicks off a series for the Robert Johnson club in Offenbach, Germany (owned by DJ Ata of Playhouse). Prins Thomas, Ivan Smagghe and Liquid will also contribute to the limited edition (2000 copies) set in 2009.

The Chloe Live at Robert Johnson tracklist is here, starting off with Gudrun Gut's cover of Smog's Rock Bottom Riser.

01. Gudrun Gut - Rock Bottom Riser
02. DJ Koze - Mariposa
03. Kalabrese - Makelovedisco
04. SIS - Orgsa
05. Shinedoe - Phunk (Steve Angello re-edit)
06. Partial Arts - Cruising
07. Samim & Michal - Circles
08. Vincenzo - The Phantom Image
09. Daso & Pawas - Ice
10. Heiko Mso feat. Malte - Reach
11. Plein Soleil - Casus Belli
12. Larry Heard - Spinal Tap
13. Trulz & Robin feat. Baseman - Turn My Head
14. Homebase - Centrino
15. Seventeen Evergreen - Music Is the Wine (Joakim remix)

My playlist from Monday

My radio show The Following Aesthetic Reasons is Mondays from 7-10pm on 90.3 FM (if you're in the Boston area) or you can stream it live on wzbc.org

Working on recording and archiving...Until then, I'd really appreciate your comments :)

The Sea and Cake play tonight at Middle East Downstairs (Central Square, Cambridge MA), Thursday listen to WZBC from 7-10PM (90.3 FM or stream wzbc.org) to hear Area C perform live on Susanna Bolle's radio program, then go to Make it New for minimal techno until 2AM at Middlesex Lounge (Central Square, Cambridge MA), Sunday experience Paco Osuna at Phoenix Landing (Central Square, Cambridge MA)

Paco Osuna DJ Set at Minus Special Noice Radio 08-10-2008

Fashion/art/vocabulary: Sarah Moon shooting for 10 Magazine

Editorial - Hamartia: Is An Error, Or Sin.
Photographer - Sarah Moon
Stylist- Jacob K
Model - Monette at Natalie Models

Ten Magazine, how I love thee. In the lustrous pages of your Spring 2008 edition (alas, you only put out 4 issues a year!) you gave us this. Sarah Moon is a very talented photographer, who exhibits excellent technical control in these photos. The model, wearing shape-shifting clothes from experimental designers like Comme de Garcons, becomes a tragic and strange heroine with inchoate eyes and rough angles. She would kick your ass and then cry about it. You wonder, is the editorial called Hamartia because of the errors of the heroine or her storyteller (the photographer)? It is not entirely visually appealing, but the strength is in the shocking profiles and blurred boundaries, which (much like the word hamartia itself) are downright baffling.

Art: Peter Doig

From February to May of this year, the Tate Britain held a major retrospective of the work of Scottish painter Peter Doig. The Paris Museum of Modern Art did too, from June to September. Given that his paintings are sold as some of the most expensive in Europe, it is fair to say that he is a well-recognized contemporary. His spendidly layered landscapes reference a whole host of artistic ancestors, Monet and Klimpt for sure. So Doig's paintings seem to be as familiar as a fairy tale and just as old, but there is an unexpected and provocative tilt which appeals to the modern in us. I am finding these paintings inspiring right now, because each painting is a story in itself...

Music: Solomun Ibiza Voice Podcast

Shop: Toast UK

That's it. I just received my Toast Catalog from the UK and my day has been decided for me: lounging in cashmere knickers, sweater and socks with a plate of toast and tea. You can even order bramble jam from this company. I have no idea what that is but it sounds adorable, I'm in.

Browse the catalog here.

Alexander Wang


Now, the fun part!

I don't speak Spanish, but the music allows me to follow along like a champ.

Must-see films--macabre, disturbing and intermittently gorgeous. Filmmaker David Cronenberg described Tideland as "poetic horror", which personally speaking, sounds like my ideal genre. And as I was watching Irreversible last night with two friends of mine who are dating, we couldn't help but laugh at what a perfect "date movie" it was--if you are into the whole 9 minute long rape scene type thing...But as Beethoven's 7th symphony plays in the final scene, as the entire picture spins into chaos and then clarity, there is startling beauty and triumphant power. Yep, see em both.

Music: Playlist November 3 2008

Here's my playlist from last night.

Harpers Bazaar UK November 2008
Model: Jeisa Chiminazzo
Photographer: Alexei Hay
Stylist: Alison Edmond

Par Grindvik has been instrumental to the Swedish techno scene since the nineties as a record store owner, label manager and producer and has recently made the move to Berlin. This mix from Little White Earbuds includes a lot of the releases from his own label Islands and Islets, as well as Dutch label Outland and Swedish label Truesoul. Though he's sometimes been very minimal, this mix is thick with dub, drums, bass and dwindling delays.


My New Project and Some Inspirations

(Paula Put the Kettle On by artist Paula Rego)

I am embarking on a new side project, writing and illustrating a childrens book. My idea isn't new, it's as old as the first stories ever told. In fact, what I'm writing is based on folk tales and fairy tales, embracing the darkness and mystery that these traditional stories often revolve around. Some of my inspirations are Paula Rego's art , Hans Christian Anderson's stories , Edgar Allen Poe's short stories , Luella Bartley's Fall 2008 fashion show, Pan's Labyrinth, and my dreams. I remember when I was 8 my father reading Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" with me and my siblings in a tent at our summerhouse in Maine. And from the Hans Christian Anderson catalog my favorite was "Wild Swans". I would love to hear some new stories/folktales as I do research these next few weeks...