Music: Eli Verveine

Eli Verveine is a DJ from Switzerland who is anything but neutral. Her mixes, which are few and far between on the internet, are not only exquisite but are also exotic--in a word, recherche. The sense of the exotic comes from the warm, transcendent affect of the tracks, that are supremely mixed, deep, dubby and with a flavor of *Detroit*. Adding to the intrigue is the fact that the tracks are extremely hard to find on their own. Eli Verveine is a part of p45 records, and she has a radio show on Audioasyl called Scandal! I'm posting a selection of studio, radio, and club mixes. Among them is a mix called Carebear, which is a must-listen. All highly enjoyable!

First up, here is the highly anticipated Ssg Cast from Eli Verveine posted a few days ago.

robert hood – still
octal – heavier petting
swayzak – live, part 4
claro intelecto – dependant
dj joey anderson – thee analysis
stl – orange patterns
maus und stolle – extra vergine
chiapet – westworld
herbert – over and out
steve o`sullivan – she don`t do chicks
madteo – radici

Here is the Carebear Mix from Eli Verveine. Named an all-time favorite mix by just about everyone I know... who I am friends with.

rhythm & sound - carrier - rhythm & sound 05
dean decosta - precursor - lo-fi
son.sine - upekah - nurture
localfields - pico - zerogrounds
arne weinberg - spectral disease - aw
vector lovers - futures in plastic [claro intelecto remix] - soma
omar s. - detroit 02
claro intelecto - tria - ai records
donnacha costello - melan - force inc.
omar s. - detroit 04
maus - find a way - below
plastikman - artifakts - novamute

Here is a mix from Julietta, Vera, and Eli Verveine at the Harry Klein Club. 7 hours long and more soul/deep house/clubby. Sass in a glass.

Oh oh, here's a good one, a rare mix from 2007. Appearing on Comfort Noise Radio, Eli plays a 4 hour set with interviews. The playlist is too long to post but it can be found on the Comfort Noise website.

Here's another studio mix called Dustbunnies.

And a live set from Air Festival 2007...


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    wow - i enjoyed the ssg mix a lot so thank you for these!


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