Music: Playlist December 1, 2008

My radio show "The Following Aesthetic Reasons" is on every Monday night on WZBC 90.3 FM from 7-10pm EST Click here to see my playlist from the first day of December! You can stream it live weekly at

In Boston this week: On Thursday check out WZBC's Monthly Countdown at Rivergods (River Street near Central Square, Cambridge MA), presenting our favorite indie rock tracks from the previous month (and if you didn't know it already, Rivergods is one of the best bars in Boston)...Then walk over to Make it New at Middlesex (Central Square, Cambridge MA) for some minimal techno (and another fabulous bar). Sunday, TT the Bears has Iceland's Kira Kira (with members of Mum and Parachutes, they opened for Sigur Ros in September) and ambient performers Dygn.

(My picture here is made with Poladroid.)


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