Music: I'm in Love With a German Film Star

The original "I'm in Love with a German Film Star" is a post-punk classic by UK band The Passions, but it got a fresh makeover from artist and film-maker Sam Taylor-Wood in October of this year. The disc released on Kompakt also included remixes by Gui Boratto and Juergen Paape.

I found another cult classic at Retro in the Perfect Sense of The Sentence, Liasons Dangereuses' Los Ninos Del Parque. Influential to many DJ's and a rad album.

Finally, I totally fell in love with the UK's own La Roux this Spring, and I just found out that her track Quicksand was picked up by Kitsune and it's being released December 15th. The Passions and Liasons Dangereuses aren't listed in her influences but, err, they should be.


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