Boston Premiere: Jan Krueger (From Berlin, Hello?Repeat Records)

People ask me alot where to go out in Boston. Make It New has always been my answer. It's every Thursday at Middlesex, in Central Square Cambridge, and I like it because the emphasis is right: no naked women/acid trippin' visuals, no $15 drinks/ no more beat-you-over-the-head breakdowns. The staff is awesome, the venue is dark, and OMFG, the music is NEW. As in, hot minimal tracks that aren't recycled next week too. Open till 2am, ususally free. This Thursday, the guest is new to Boston: Jan Krueger.

"Krueger is best known for playing a sinewy, seductive, serpentine combination of deep house and minimal techno that is proper for intimate dance floors. For Make It New, the lights we be extra-dim as Kreuger mixes a luscious set of Berlin and Detroit music that is sure to bring people closer together." -David Day

Jan Krueger at Bunker:

Jan Krueger on the Ibiza Voice podcast, June 2008:

About Jan Krueger:

Make It New on MySpace:

Opening sets from Baldur/DJezus:

And Alan Manzi:


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