Music: Soap&Skin

Anja Plaschg, also known as Soap&Skin, is only 18 but already she is full of Weltschmerz. Well, it's very becoming on her, and with high Gothic fancy she gives sway to the piano and with such a melancholy voice she sings, cries, weeps her way into your heart. Highly influenced by forlorns like Cat Power and Nico, she could also be Lord Byron's muse or a very convincing Ophelia. Originally from Vienna, Anja as Soap&Skin has played at festivals all over Europe without even having a label backer or album release. Finally, a self-titled EP was released October 10th, with 4 tracks including a remix by Fennesz (!). A full length album is expected in early 2009. I'm listening to the EP on a rainy afternoon, reading "The Flounder" by Gunter Grass. Perfect combination, beautiful sounds.


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