Magda Mix--Electronic Beats Radio October 2008

I generally choose to live in a bubble, sheltered from all politics, pop culture "hits", and celebrity dish. But even in the bubble you have stars, and so you could say that Magda is amongst the brightest stars in my little sky. Over the last few years, Magda has risen within Richie Hawtin's legendary label, Minus, to a influential seat on the techno set. Her performance(s) at the 2008 Detroit Electronic Music Festival were lauded as some of the best in show. Now, the shape of techno and electronic music to come could have something to do with Magda.
In an interview with UMP3, Magda sets it straight:
"’s all business, it’s all a market. And as much as I’d like to say, 'I’m cool, I’m underground, I’m not part of that,' - what if that happens to what I’m doing?" Magda is quick to stress that techno with the rest of the world must inevitably change, and that it is not a static, ahistorical, un-changing entity floating in time in space. “Techno and dance music really got popular around ‘97. It really blew up on a commercial level and people found out about it. Where ever things become commercialized, ultimately it pushes the subcultures more underground. I feel like now something new is going to happen again. It’s been kind of stagnant. Now most people know about it, so I think those people who came into it later, through trance or more commercial stuff are looking for other things. With the invention of technology and final scratch people are making super cool stuff, and it’s creating this new subculture. That’s exciting to me.”


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