Playlist Oct 20 2008

Tonight we'll go see The Duchess because I'm a goddamn sucker for costume drama. Wednesday Hercules and Love Affair is at the Middle East Downstairs (Central Square, Cambridge MA) you can often get free tickets by calling into the on-air dj at 617-552-4686. Thursday you gotta decide between Lykke Li (pictured above, from Sweden), or Deerhoof/Experimental Dental School/Flying Luttenbachers. Lykke Li is everything that you could ever want in a pop star, i.e. weird and Scandinavian. But the Deerhoof etc show is also sure to be a riot, bouncy clattering artrock experimental improv freakouts. Lykke Li is at the Paradise (Boston MA) and Deerhoof is at The Middle East Downstairs (Central Square, Cambridge MA). Saturday, there's a Basstown event at Great Scott (Harvard Ave, Allston MA).


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