Fashion: Temporary Showroom

Pictured: Fashions from Sweden based company, Odeur

It's like window shopping, only the windows are the kind on your laptop. The "Temporary Showroom" is a platform for European based fashion designers to show off their collections sans catwalk. Selected brands exhibit their work and although we still need to hunt them down to buy them, the designers at Temporary Showroom are exceedingly brilliant (and adorably European).

There is actually a Temporary Showroom Berlin, located in Berlin/Kastanienalle, which is a combination of a fashion showroom and a direct customer point of sale. At Temporary Showroom Berlin “temporary” refers to the limited period of time offered by Temporary Showroom to present new designs in the Temporary Showroom Berlin- gallery atmosphere. The presentation of the collections in Berlin is limited from 2 to 6 months, including, in cooperation with the designer, the individual composition of the room.

I definately adore the concept and the fashions. Odeur is sadly not in the US, but maybe we can be inspired by the profiles and odd shapes that they are known for...


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