Music: Rauwkost Live Mix

Floris Regoort & Jasper Lowik are the Dutch duo behind Rauwkost. Their debut Ep, Trump It, released on ThirtyOneTwenty, was widely lauded and has been played in sets by Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, etc. The three tracks on Trump It were all quite different, part groovy dancefloor and part moody minimal--which could mean interesting dj sets from these two. They are slated to spin at the TimeWarp Festival in Holland later this month along with this lineup of shining stars:

Ben Sims, Benny Rodrigues, Bo, Nijs en hun denkbeeldige vriendje, Darko Esser, Dimzen, el Locco, Federico Molinari, Ilario Alicante, Johanna Mercker, Johnny D , Joris Voorn, K.Cee, Karotte, Laurent Garnier, Marco Carola, Miss Monica, Moonbootica, Olivier Weiter, Pedro aka Petre Inspirescu, Phonopunk, Raresh, DJ Remy, Rhadoo, Sandeep, The Disco Boys, Two EM, Unders, Warren Fellow, Wesdex, Jason & The Argonauts, Loops

Their next production output will be with Kompass Records...


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