Music: Chloe, Robert Johnson Series

Trying to navigate through Chloe's official website is a weird experience. Sounds come out of nowhere, the menu options are befuzzling (who knows, where/when, what, whatever, who's who, who cares)'s all pretty surreal. Her dj style, a stripped-back, minimal and dirty electro hybrid, is similarly hypnotic. A former resident at Le Pulp Chloe kicks off a series for the Robert Johnson club in Offenbach, Germany (owned by DJ Ata of Playhouse). Prins Thomas, Ivan Smagghe and Liquid will also contribute to the limited edition (2000 copies) set in 2009.

The Chloe Live at Robert Johnson tracklist is here, starting off with Gudrun Gut's cover of Smog's Rock Bottom Riser.

01. Gudrun Gut - Rock Bottom Riser
02. DJ Koze - Mariposa
03. Kalabrese - Makelovedisco
04. SIS - Orgsa
05. Shinedoe - Phunk (Steve Angello re-edit)
06. Partial Arts - Cruising
07. Samim & Michal - Circles
08. Vincenzo - The Phantom Image
09. Daso & Pawas - Ice
10. Heiko Mso feat. Malte - Reach
11. Plein Soleil - Casus Belli
12. Larry Heard - Spinal Tap
13. Trulz & Robin feat. Baseman - Turn My Head
14. Homebase - Centrino
15. Seventeen Evergreen - Music Is the Wine (Joakim remix)


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