Music: Margaret Dygas

At the beginning of the year I downloaded the You Very Mix by Margaret Dygas and was transfixed by it. As it turns out (I have been hoarding all of her mixes since then), Dygas has her own style of minimal techhouse with stripped down, isolated grooves which are smooth and hypnotic. Moreover, I was singularly excited when I found out from Little White Earbuds that she has a two track EP just newly released. See You Around and 37 to 7 are both up on her Myspace page. Co-produced by the venerable Tobias (Freund), the See You Around EP is a long, arrhythmic tunnel of rather experimental, but nonetheless catchy, undulating beats (and distorted voices, guitar strings, drones, clicks, bangs...). Philip Sherburne called it one of the most significant releases of 2008. (More on this article later)

Finally, a friend of mine told me a little story about how he met her:
"she probably wouldn't even remember this but years ago, she was a makeup artist in nyc and worked on a friend's film that i was an extra in. she was super beautiful and cool and she was talking to me about how into music she was and how she was going to get turntables and do more music stuff. now she's like really doing it."

It's a small world, especially if you like techno.


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