Fashion/art/vocabulary: Sarah Moon shooting for 10 Magazine

Editorial - Hamartia: Is An Error, Or Sin.
Photographer - Sarah Moon
Stylist- Jacob K
Model - Monette at Natalie Models

Ten Magazine, how I love thee. In the lustrous pages of your Spring 2008 edition (alas, you only put out 4 issues a year!) you gave us this. Sarah Moon is a very talented photographer, who exhibits excellent technical control in these photos. The model, wearing shape-shifting clothes from experimental designers like Comme de Garcons, becomes a tragic and strange heroine with inchoate eyes and rough angles. She would kick your ass and then cry about it. You wonder, is the editorial called Hamartia because of the errors of the heroine or her storyteller (the photographer)? It is not entirely visually appealing, but the strength is in the shocking profiles and blurred boundaries, which (much like the word hamartia itself) are downright baffling.


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